Big Buddha Box – 78 Plant Hydroponic Grow Room

Big Buddha Box – 78 Plant Hydroponic Grow Room


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Product Description

The legendary Big Buddha grow room outgrows any other hydroponic system by 2.5X guaranteed. The Big Buddha turns four grow rooms into one by using the shelf system. With the shelf system your plants will grow behind the top shelves, and so they can grow to about 6 feet tall. This is important because the top shelves WILL NOT hinder growth. Instead your plants will be free to grow and as they do, they will shift behind any shelves above them. Also, it is important to note that you can literally walk into this grow room. That is what the open space is for!

Big Buddha Grow Room with Tent – 78 Plant Vertical Superponics Grow Room

Grow your plants 2 to 5 times bigger than you can with other systems in this plus sized horizontal grow room environment. The Big Buddha Box comes fully automated for a low maintenance plant cycle – we guarantee more growth per watt/square foot out of this high design system.

Be aware: upgrades available for the Big Buddha Box are for extra growth and not critical components of your hydroponic unit. The Big Buddha Box comes with everything you need except for seeds or seedlings.

In this grow room set up, we’ve added something called Verticalponics to our popular Superponics automated watering system – this allows you to effectively quadruple the kinds of yields you might get with a traditional grow box. The Verticalponics vertical system provides multiple levels of growth in the single grow box.

Using the 8 x 8 area or 64 square feet, you can get up to 120 square feet of growing space with this fully automated setup in order to get radically increased yields in the same space. The Superponics automated technology will help your plants who also develop faster. These innovative systems are getting extremely popular with growers who want more for the same amount of effort.

8’W x 8’D x 7’H