Advanced Nutrients – Bigger Yields Expert Bundle 1L

Advanced Nutrients – Bigger Yields Expert Bundle 1L


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Bigger Yields Flowering System Overview

  • The Bigger Yields Flowering System® eliminates the need to buy and replace expensive pH and PPM monitors and adjusters
  • Growers spend less time mixing nutrients with value added 2-in-1 and even 5-in-1 product formulations
  • By simply following the easy mixing chart supplied with each of the bundled growing levels, growers are guaranteed to supply maximum nutrition and vitality to their crop
  • The combination of the pH Perfect® Technology, simplified mixing rates and level of chelation in the balanced nutrient ratios ensure that crops always have access to the highest level of nutrition and vitality boosters possible
  • Whichever grower level bundle is chosen, the growers get a great value by purchasing the bundle while using the latest and proven yield enhancing nutrient technologies
  • Growers using the Bigger Yields Flowering System can make their cropping experience easier and bigger; it’s guaranteed by Advanced Nutrients™

Piranha – to improve the health of the root zone and microbial species diversity in the substrate for bigger yields and better resistance to root diseases, the beneficial fungi in the liquid suspension of Piranha quickly colonize growing mediums and roots once applied.
The proprietary Advanced Nutrients™ labs bred species of plant beneficial fungi include Trichoderma and Mycorrhizae, as well as many other species of fungi that were carefully selected to ensure the most effective interaction together for bigger yields. Piranha is engineered to work in harmony with the other species of beneficial bacteria, fungi and other products available in the different Bigger Yields Flowering System bundles.

Bud Candy – creates sweeter tasting flavors and aromas in flowers and fruits by supplying a precise blend of carbohydrates, oligiosacharides, esters, polyphenolic compounds, vitamins and amino acids. The combined spectrum of ingredients from SweetLeaf and CarboLoad supplement the plant’s natural carbohydrate levels for better growth rates while helping the plant to develop more terpanoids that enhance flavors and aromas. Bud Candy will also help to supply beneficial microbes in the root zone with an energy source for rapid colonization and multiplication.

Final Phase – promotes softer tasting fruits and better smelling flowers by removing excess nutrients from growing mediums and the plant that can have a negative impact on the harvest. Final Phase breaks the ionic bond between excess nutrients and growing mediums while reducing the potentially damaging internal effects “flushing” can have on plants. During the final week before harvest, Final Phase is much more effective than plain water at flushing out the residues that can negatively affect the carbon to nitrogen ratio in plant material. Final Phase also helps to remove excess nutrient ions for those growers intending to reuse their growing mediums.