DaKine 420 CoCo Coir Lite: Aeration Formula

DaKine 420 CoCo Coir Lite: Aeration Formula


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What is it?

Dakine 420 Coco Coir Lite is a soil-less grow medium that maintains an ideal air-to-water ratio for indoor, greenhouse or outdoor growing. Made with premium buffered, high-pith coconut coir fiber, Coco Coir Lite double washed to remove excess salts, and precisely blended to maintain optimal water-to-air ratios. Our special, highly-researched “Mad Scientist” formulation makes other products look like they were made in high school beginning chemistry classes. Yeah, it’s that good!

Directions for Use:

1. Fill pot or container with Coco Coir Lite; It is best used with fabric pots and drip-to-drain applications.

2. Fully hydrate with nutrient solution–a PH between 5.7-6.3 is optional.

3. Transplant seedling or mature plant into Coco Coir Lite.

4. Water daily with nutrient solution.

Tips for Growing with Coco Coir Lite:

  • Use nutrient solution for every watering (except weekly fresh water flush).
  • When watering, try to maintain a 10% runoff rate.
  • Do not allow Coco Coir medium to completely dry out.
  • Maintain nutrient solution between 5.7 and 6.3.

Other Suggestions:

Environmental conditions may vary, so keep in mind that temperature, humidity CO2 levels, size of plants, and size of containers are all contributing factors when using Coco Coir Lite. Watering rates may vary, depending on these factors, as well as plant genetics, so please be sure to closely monitor moisture. Coco Coir Lite can be watered 1-3 times daily, depending on your conditions.