No-Hassle Harvest Starter Kit Package

No-Hassle Harvest Starter Kit Package


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The No-Hassle Harvest Starter Kit provides every tool you need to get your harvest started the right way! The Gro1 LED illuminated microscope provides 30x to 60x of intensified images. This gives you insight on when you’re plants are ready to harvest. Gro1 Pruning Shears used for thick branches where the smaller curved blade and micro shears for detailed trimming during harvest. The harvest kit helps you with messes because it includes a trimming tray and Nitrile gloves (M, L, XL) to keep sticky resin off your hands. During harvest, the EZ-Cut pruner treatments help clean, lubricate, and desinfects your trimming shears which helps maintain efficiency and keeps your shears and hands clean. All your hardwork can lay peacefully in the Gro1 drying rack! 2ft in diameter with detachable layers, you can customize the length of your dry rack to fit any drying area. GrowAce has seriously thought of everything when it comes to a no-hassle starter kit for every harvest.

Kit Includes

  • Table Top Trimming Station
  • Gro1 Pruning Shears
  • Gro1 Curved Blade Shears
  • Gro1 Micro Shears
  • EZ-Cut Pruner Treatment Spray
  • 100 pk Nitrile Gloves (pH 5.5)
  • Yield Lab 2ft. Drying Rack
  • Gro1 Illuminated Double Loupe Microscope